Embark on your embodiment journey… on your own time

Are you ready embody your values, your purpose + align your life?

Connect your head + heart through power moves
that are designed to ignite your liberation

Get ready to move, breath, FEEL

  • This is isn’t your first rodeo in the self growth + healing arena, but you know you need someone to walk with you as you reach for the next level.

  • You are ready to set boundaries, honor your truth and show up as the woman you know you came here to be .

  • You navigate your emotions on your own, but you are ready to align your energy to walk through the fire of transformation with support. 

  • Your soul knows there is something deeper welling inside you, waiting to be reclaimed, integrated, and embodied. You are ready for soul liberation. 

  • A dream is ready to be birthed into reality: a business, a partnership, an adventure, and you want both emotional and practical support  as you step out your comfort zone and take a healthy risk! 

This is a sacred space of
transformation for you to:

  • Break up with the past

  • Get crystal clear about what you want and use that knowledge to design a purpose and a plan

  • Learn how to use fear and triggers as part of your process

  • Use pleasure as a pathway to greater productivity

  • Dismantle that old story of “I am not enough”

  • Liberate yourself from the inside out

  • Access the confidence to make your own fun and take life expanding risks

  • Fall in love with your life again

During this 5 day digital download course you will receive:

Daily inspirational email

With transformational journal prompts + exercises

Daily Videos

Will guide you through Power Movements that ignite your power centers

Guided instruction

on how to use the Power Moves to deepen your transformation and connect all the dots!

Email Support

Email support to support your journey and celebrate your wins

Are your ready to embody your power?

Immediate access
Yours forever

The time to reflect and share how the movements connected me to a deeper experience was really powerful. I was surprised as how much more grounded, and at the same time, alive I felt.

EW, Portland, OR

Although I was working on my art, something I love, I was just really stuck and not open to experiences outside my cocoon. The exercises we did helped shift a lot of stagnant energy. By the end of the program I became so UNSTUCK that I literally moved out of my nest to another state!
AJ, Tulsa, OK

I didn't know what to expect with the Power Activation Method, but it is awesome! A very different approach to self work than anything I've done before. Thank you!

AK, Steamboat Springs, CO

My superpower is showing women how to take big risks without ruining their lives.

I’ve never been satisfied doing it someone else’s way. Living authentically in my own values has always been more fun. That’s how I ended up back packing solo around Europe, owning a massage + yoga studio, and leaving a soul sucking corporate job during a pandemic.

Learning how to take risk of creating what I wanted in life wasn’t something anyone showed me, so that’s why I teach women to use their organic wisdom to revive their lives. My driving passion is to show other women how to make up their on rules without sacrificing the things they love: their relationships, their community, their passions. I know without a doubt that when a woman aligns to her purpose, her life begins to unfold in untold ways.