Astrology + Coaching with Rebel Coach Lydia Jane

Discover the themes of your life path + embrace the magic of your birth chart

Learn to live cyclically and embody your values + your purpose and claim the life you want!

Astrology is a tool for self discovery. It provides deep insight into just how unique you are in the world.

Combined with insightful coaching,
astrology will help you find
grounding + flow in your life!

Does this sound like you?

  • You are ready to uncover the next layer of your growth + healing by taking an in depth look at your birth chart

  • You are ready to embrace the unique magic that only you can create in the world

  • Your soul knows there is something deeper welling inside you, waiting to be reclaimed, integrated, and embodied. You are ready for soul liberation

  • A dream is ready to be birthed into reality: a business, a partnership, an adventure, and you want clear direction on how to achieve it

Astrology + Coaching will guide you to:

  • Discover your personal road map

  • Get crystal clear about your talents and areas of your life to develop

  • Learn how to use cosmic cycles to make decisions based on your best interests

  • Deepen your understanding of how you interact in relationships

  • Find ease + flow in all areas of your life

  • Understand where you came from and where you are going

  • Dismantle that old story of “I am not enough”

  • Liberate yourself from the inside out

  • Access the confidence to make your own fun and take life expanding risks

  • Fall in love with your life again

“My approach to coaching and what I teach clients is a beautiful, intimate love affair between taking life expanding risks and loving who you already are, with an added sprinkle of sass to boost your confidence.”- Lydia Jane

This is a highly personal experience

Your Chart

I will dive deep into your birth chart and prepare an in depth analysis of who you came here to be

1:1 Virtual Session

We'll meet virtually and discuss what you are seeking + uncover which theme is ruling your life in this moment

Recording + Chart

You will receive a recording of our session + a PDF of your birth chart that is yours to keep

LIFE TIME access to my private YouTube Channel

Offering my entire library of full length classes + meditations so you can keep connecting to yourself on your road to self love

My superpower is showing women how to believe in themselves.

I’ve never been satisfied doing it someone else’s way. Living authentically in my own values has always been more fun. That’s how I ended up back packing solo around Europe, owning a massage + yoga studio, and leaving a soul sucking corporate job during a pandemic.

Studying astrology for nearly 2 decades has given me insight into how cosmic cycles profoundly affect your life. My driving passion is to show other women how to use these cycles and create their on rules without sacrificing the things they love: their relationships, their community, their passions. I use astrology + coaching to help women align to their purpose and reclaim their passion for living!


Includes 90 minute reading+coaching virtual call

Special May Reading
30 Min
Sun Moon + Rising

We discover BIG things during our time together. If you need more support in processing your insights, additional calls are available

Are your ready to embrace your magic?