Throughout my life I’ve oscillated between overly practical and wildly free. I’ve burned a lot do bridges in my quest for freedom. Sometimes that was necessary, other times I was just operating out of habit. It took my awhile to find the balance between running wildly free and maintaining a foundation. It was during one of those moments of overly pragmatic that I realized this. I was working as a spa Director for a luxury hotel. Totally at the top of my career, crushing my quarterly goals, moving the needle higher and receiving praise for my work from the top. But I was so totally unsatisfied and unfulfilled. I was getting ready one more morning and looked at myself in the mirror and just cried because this isn’t what I actually wanted out of life, and this certainly wasn’t what I wanted to be putting back into the world. But my previous experiences of throwing caution to the wind seemed weigh on me more now. I didn’t just want to sell all my shit and live my van (which I’ve done.. twice!) I didn’t want to give up my adorable apartment with mountain view’s and a hot tub. I had to figure out how to have the balance between productivity and freedom.
I started taking a long, deep look at my life and my patterns and what I realized is that when my head is aligned with my heart, freedom and practicality work together in harmony. I could go back and assess the times in my life when this was true. When I owned a small 2 room massage clinic, and built a thriving practice at the age of 23. It happened again when I built a yoga studio in my garage and trained yoga teachers and held small community gatherings. Now these times in my life we where my head and heart aligned. Years of yoga and bodywork have taught me how to return to balance.
I’ve been working on this concept for the last 20 years, as yoga teacher trainer, bodyworker and coach. We’re going to go on adventures into the wild. We’re going to camp under the stars and build bonfires. We’re going to throw the shit you’ve been carrying around for decades into that fire and burn it up! I’m going to listen deeply for the call of your wild spirit because I know she is still calling out for you. I’m going to teach you how to stoke her flame without burning yourself or blowing up your life. We’re going to dance and cry and laugh and drink.

The Resume:

Lydia Jane is a Certified SouLuna Life Coach (R), Licensed Massage Therapist, 500 hr Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Bio-Somatic Movement Practitioner (R) and has degrees in Exercise Physiology + Psychology. She has studied tai chi, mediation, astrology, flower essences, and aromatherapy for emotional well-being. She lives in Colorado where she bikes, hikes and skinny dips as often as possible.