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There’s an unshakable truth inside you…

that already knows how to navigate times of uncertainty and transition

And you are ready to learn to trust your intuition.

You’re in the right place if you want:

  • To learn how to trust your intuition and use it during times of change

  • Science based MOVEMENT practices to re-pattern your nervous system for more freedom

  • to feel whole + empowered

  • Conscientiously show up for yourself + develop a self care plan THAT STICKS

  • Develop a deeper sense of self confidence

  • Learn emotional awareness techniques to lower stress response

Loving yourself is a courageous act of rebellion

In this 8 week program you will:

Uncover your action plan to personal liberation.
Create a life in alignment with your values.
Find fulfillment in your everyday life.
Have more successful relationships.
Find your voice + use it.

Get into your body!



You are ready to deeply root into your self worth and uncover the true source of your power within: Your intuition.
Develop a solid relationship with trusting yourself so that it becomes an unshakable guide as you navigate the ebb and flow of life.
You will learn how to embody your strength + stoke your inner flame
through powerful coaching methods designed to burn away self doubt.

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Moving Through Transition


    • 6  1:1 Coaching Calls + 2 Personal Healing Sessions with
      Rebel Coach Lydia Jane

    • Accountability + action plan to keep you on your path of deep self care

    • Clarity + confidence exercises you can use to root into yourself in ANY situation!

    • Access to yoga, movement + meditation video library

    • Unlimited email contact for support during the program

    • Weekly members only movement exercises + techniques

    • Discounts on future retreats + programs

I have always been hesitant to receive “advice”, and I use caution in choosing people that I get vulnerable with, but with Lydia, it was a no-brainer. Her salt-of-the-earth approach combined with her passion for chance, adventure, and empowerment creates a resource that inspires a “wild freedom”. Lydia will take the time to SEE you. Through every conversation and exercise with her, I feel a better understanding of myself and a greater sense of belonging and importance. Lydia gifts of empathy, unconditional acceptance, and pure vibrance will stoke your fire and hold your hand down the path that leads you to your highest (and freest) self!

Alex L.New York, NY

Learn how to effectively manage your needs + self care to discover more freedom through an
embodied coaching technique.

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Lydia is authentic, funny, and has the ability to compassionately ask the ‘hard questions’ that we often times cannot ask ourselves. Coming from a military family I have always struggled with expressing my feelings, which has led to years of being blocked emotionally. Lydia provided the perfect environment for me to work through some of those obstacles without feeling overwhelmed. I absolutely recommend her coaching program!

Erin O.San Diego, CA

Hiring Lydia is like getting a Big Sister cheering you on. She’s insightful & compassionate and extremely passionate about helping other women. She is fully present and engaging, and I always walk away from our sessions feeling seen and heard.

Brenda R.Missoula, MT

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About Lydia Jane

Lydia is a life coach + teacher. Over the past 20 years, she has worked as a coach, healer, small business owner and yoga teacher. When shes not working you’ll find her riding her bike or skinny dipping as often as possible in the mountain of Colorado.